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There are many vehicles the player can interact with, either to move around the map more effectively and efficiently or as air support.

Land Vehicles[edit | edit source]

There currently is only one land vehicle in the game: the technical. The technical is a jeep with four seats and a mounted gun, which can be manned by a player. Each of the four seats can be occupied by a player. In passenger seats, players can only use sidearms.

Air Support[edit | edit source]

Players cannot ride in air vehicles. Instead, air vehicles are called in by various air support calls.

Security[edit | edit source]

Security forces have the option of 3 air support.


Call-sign: Cleric

Real Life:

Cleric is a helicopter outfitted with a M134 Minigun, when called by a commander, it arrives on the called location within __ seconds and starts firing onto visible targets. These targets are locked on by Cleric and attacked until out of sight or killed.


Call-sign: Assassin

Real Life:

Assassin is a Apache helicopter outfitted with rocket pods and a chaingun, when called by a commander before arriving it fires its rocket pods doing large area damage, after pilot changes weapons to a chaingun for more accurate fire and starts to target enemies similarly to cleric

Gun Run

Call-sign: Warlock

Real Life: A-10 Thunderbolt II

Warlock is a A-10 Warthog that does a gun run on the target designated by the commander, the sound of it entering is very close to when the bullets hit the ground, leaving a small window for insurgents to escape into a hard roof building as the chaingun can penetrate thinner or weaker materials.